Last one was a little wordy. So ill try to keep it short,

Superman and his family are pretty weak to that kryptonite. What if you had someone from the batfamily working on the super family team. They could always do recovery or assist.  I think Damian with Mr miracle disks and Mr Miracle tools could help out allot. Much like if supergirl was on the batfamily im sure clay face wouldn’t be a problem , threats would be a little easier i think. This is a stretch of course

Real reason for the redesign? I wanna see if he could still be robin in superman colors. Probably not but could be a great single issue. Also you get to Damian to wear black rimmed glasses.

My last robin redesign for a little but. I thought about it later and i should’ve done a spoiler robin , as someone suggested. :)  Thanks for coming along for the ride, The response has been awesome.