So this is a predictable route for Damian. At least  in the series of designs im doing because im going in order.  Instead of explaining how he got to this version of himself. I just want to note im sad as a fan not getting to see him lead a team much like many of the robins in the past have done. Maybe A new young justice which ive seen allot of fan art for as well with constant cameos from batcow of course.

in this costume, i can see him and Tim on the roof tops of shinjuku or going through the dark alley ways of hong kong. Moving on the telephone polls like jet grind radio (favorite dream cast game)

Base for design? Well  I always wished that wing technology Tim is currently using could be compacted into something a little stealthier. Or if Tim could protrude one strand a time that would be a excellent fighting tool or a great ribbon dancer at the least.  So this jacket is based on a Kaneda jacket (Akira) or a Micheal Jackson jacket. Damian wearing a Kaneda or Micheal Jackson thriller jacket is a win in my book . Plus a light cycle bike cant hurt ether maybe with a side car for batcow as well.